Owatonna Student Council

The OHS Student Council, with the exception of the advisor’s stipend, is a self-supporting student activity. We are involved in supporting the Owatonna High School and community through hosting activities throughout the year for our student body and the community of Owatonna.

The council is open to students in grades 9-12. Students must complete an application each year to be considered for membership.

Our meetings are held bi-monthly September through May at 7:30 am in the Small Group Forum and are open to the OHS student body. If you would like to speak at one of our meetings, please connect with your class president or a member of the executive board at least two school days in advance of the upcoming meeting.

Class Presidents

Senior Class Presidents - Isabella Barrie, Kinzie Carlson

Junior Class President - Ishaaq Roble

Sophomore Class Presidents - Emery Vick

Freshmen Class President - Ayoub Farah

Exec Board

Meet our exec board & Advisors

Lileigh Nguyen


Reegan Lindholm

Vice President

Maxum Nguyen


Sarah Snitker


Wendy Eggermont


Heather Elfering


2022-2023 Council members


  • Sarah Snitker

  • Lileigh Nguyen

  • Maxum Nguyen

  • Reegan Lindholm

  • Grace Nirk

  • Isabella Barrie

  • Nils Gantert

  • Kiara Gentz

  • Gabriella Voigt

  • Kinzie Carlson

  • Hailey Kjersten

  • Landen Robinson

  • Riddhi Bhataka


  • Faisal Farah

  • Henry Hilgendorf

  • Ishaaq Roble

  • Jack Nelson

  • Jaedynn Tjon

  • Kali Clauson

  • Kate Sande

  • Kennedy Hodgman

  • Nathan Seykora

  • Nathaniel Ranslow

  • Taya Selbrade


  • Amanda Clubb

  • Audrey Hudock

  • Carley DeWitz

  • Charlie Dulas

  • Cora Hess

  • Emery Vick

  • Finn Loveless

  • Isabella Schultz

  • Kennedy Katzung

  • Madison Reese

  • Norah Kath

  • Riley Schmoll

  • Theresa Wunderlich


  • Max Bertram

  • Aisha Idow

  • Ande Hunt

  • Anna Hilgendorf

  • Ayoub Farah

  • Dylann Norrid

  • Ellie Meiners

  • Genevieve Froman

  • Isabella Nelson

  • Lauren Packard

  • Miles Grimmius

  • Noelle Kubicek

  • Paige Thompson

  • William Halverson

  • Zeanik Sandoval Ritchie